Big Data - A Big Problem for Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing companies have a massive amount of data available at their disposal. With data constantly being generated from devices, equipment, tools, systems, supplier and customer interactions, and more, there is a pressin

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With digital becoming the reality post COVID, the manufacturing industry is rapidly moving to new ways of working, accelerating their digitization journey. One of the biggest steps I have seen manufacturers taking to become I

7 Ways to Make IIoT Implementation Quick, Easy, And Cost-Effective

The pace of IIoT adoption is staggering; it is estimated that by 2025, the global market for IIoT will grow to around $106 billion. Touted to be a technology revolution even bigger than the industrial revolution, several orga

How Manufacturers are Improving Production Planning Using 'What-If Analysis'​

If there is one thing the past year has taught us, it is to be prepared for the unexpected. The COVID-19 pandemic threw businesses off guard: the supply and demand dynamic went for a toss, as companies ran helter-skelter to m

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The ideal Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform helps enterprises connect machines, employees, and processes. Through such connection and data exchange between these entities, new driven capabilities emerge, leading t

Smart Factories Need Smart Energy Monitoring – IIoT Can Help

The smart factory concept is experiencing a surge in global adoption, with manufacturers across sectors moving to a flexible, responsive, agile, and integrated ecosystem by leveraging tech innovations like automation and IoT.