Rapid IoT/ Industrial IoT Solution Development Platform from Gadgeon

Enables device connectivity, data processing and management, application development, security, access control, monitoring, event processing and integration with enterprise applications.

IoT Solutions

Faster and Cost effective Realization by Leveraging Delpheon


Scalable Solutions for your Business Operations and Challenges


Data collection made simple

  • Collection from factory floors made simple and quick
  • Node RED interface for configuration and Provisioning
  • Integration with Cloud or On-Premise server
  • Store & forward to handle unreliable connectivity with cloud

Delpheon-IO Module

Designed for IIoT and ready to transform connectivity to Legacy Machines

  • Collects data from unconnected legacy equipments in factory floors.
  • Equipped with analog inputs, digital I/O and relay outputs for connecting to sensors and actuators.
  • Acts as ModBus TCP or RTU slave, that can be controlled by IOT Gateways or any ModBus master controller for remote monitoring and control.
  • Designed for high reliability and modularity.
  • Works alongside conventional RS485 PLC’s and integrates them with any standard IoT platform.
  • Supports wireless connectivity options like WiFi, Bluetooth, LoRa.


An ecosystem to power your next-gen Industrial IoT applications

  • Data from multiple Gateways to be received and stored locally and with enterprise data foundations.
  • Components to facilitate basic operational features of your IoT solutions.
  • Data analytics along with integration of advanced AI & ML engines.
  • Application realization components such as digital twin, KPI & dashboard builder, rules engine, report generator so on.
  • API based integration with enterprise applications, mobile app, and your IoT use case implementation.
  • Can be deployed across AWS, Azure, or On-Premise server.

Case Studies

A leading FMCG manufacturer was looking for a solution that will improve efficiency in their production Line change over process for their labeling section. Current manual process is time intensive and hence inefficient with heavy dependency on technician’s skill and performance.

  • Solution is realized by using Delpheon framework
  • We retrofitted the existing manual readout (Scale) with a digital scale for the Labeler.
  • The digital measurements will flow to an edge gateway (DelEdge™) via an aggregator.
  • The received data is processed & compared against reference values for each bottle type. This is used to adjust the positions in the scale automatically and will display the readout in local HMI for the Technician.
  • Data analytics with KPIs and dashboards.

Data-driven improvement initiatives for making the change-over process more efficient


Efficiency improvement in the change-over process for the Labeler


Lower TCO by leveraging Delpheon

North American leader in integrated packaging solutions, has a bottling plant where the capping process is very critical. Manual process were used for calibration and monitoring of the bottle capping process. This was resulting in inefficiencies as well as with high volume of QA rejects.

  • Solution is realized by using Delpheon framework
  • Developed a custom Dummy Bottle with 9 force sensors, an RFID reader along with Wi-Fi interface to capture data from the production line
  • The calibration process for the capper head is Digitized
  • The Dummy Bottle ​enables monitoring of performance of the capper-heads while it is running at commercial speed.
  • The dashboard provides information to the line owner about each head on the capping turret in near real-time.

The solution enabled Mechanics in setting up their capper-heads accurately and efficiently, guaranteeing its peak performance.


Reduction in QA rejects from the capping process


Lower TCO by leveraging Delpheon

A leading Print media publishing company in India with multiple plants across the country, has high level of automation at various stages of its workflow. However the automation remains in silos and it takes considerable manual effort by their key technicians and supervisors to aggregate and correlate data in case of any system fault triggers. The company want to get better ROI from their automation investments by integration and analysis of data.

  • Data from disconnected systems are aggregated, correlated, and consolidated into a master database.
  • Targeted KPIs are computed and dashboards are generated at different levels and roles – enabling data driven decision making at the plant and organization level
  • Collection and monitoring of data from legacy systems working on interbus protocol
  • Automatic email/SMS with log files are generated that enabled remote debugging of system fault events
  • Integrated with existing applications like SAP, BMS, and other databases

The solution is scalable can easily integrate applications with advanced technologies like ML and AI


Efficiency improvement in the EVENT handling process


Lower TCO by leveraging Delpheon

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