Real-time Monitoring of Capping Process

Customer Challenge

North American leader in integrated packaging solutions, has a bottling plant where the capping process is very critical. Manual process were used for calibration and monitoring of the bottle capping process. This was resulting in inefficiencies as well as with high volume of QA rejects.

Our Solution

  • Solution is realized by using Delpheon framework
  • Developed a custom Dummy Bottle with 9 force sensors, an RFID reader along with Wi-Fi interface to capture data from the production line
  • The calibration process for the capper head is digitized
  • The Dummy Bottle ‚Äčenables monitoring of performance of the capper-heads while it is running at commercial speed.
  • The dashboard provides information to the line owner about each head on the capping turret in near real-time.

Benefits delivered

The solution enabled Mechanics in setting up their capper-heads accurately and efficiently, guaranteeing its peak performance.


Reduction in QA rejects from the capping process


Lower TCO by leveraging Delpheon