Digitization and Automation of change over process

Customer Challenge

A leading FMCG manufacturer was looking for a solution that will improve efficiency in their production line change over process for their labeling section. Current manual process is time intensive and hence inefficient with heavy dependency on technician’s skill and performance.

Our Solution

  • Solution is realized by using Delpheon framework
  • We retrofitted the existing manual readout (Scale) with a digital scale for the Labeler.
  • The digital measurements will flow to an edge gateway (DelEdge™) via an aggregator.
  • The received data is processed & compared against reference values for each bottle type. This is used to adjust the positions in the scale automatically and will display the readout in local HMI for the Technician.
  • Data analytics with KPIs and dashboards.

Benefits delivered

Data-driven improvement initiatives for making the change-over process more efficient


Efficiency improvement in the change-over process for the Labeler


Lower TCO by leveraging Delpheon